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Happy Cavaliers AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies




"Breeding To Better the Breed"

I decided to breed Cavaliers in an effort to help preserve their sweet temperament, their breed standard look, their health, and their loving personality.  I searched for beautiful, healthy Cavaliers with heart and eye certifications and Champion lines from as far as Ireland, France, Czechoslovakia, Italy, Poland and Germany to breed my own.  I wanted to share the love of Happy Cavaliers and keep the breed going strong.

Happy Cavaliers originated from a deep love and respect for this outstanding breed. As a previous dog groomer, owner of Jana's Mobile Pet Spa, I found myself anticipating my grooming appointments with Cavaliers.  Of all the dogs I have groomed over the past 30+ years, I've never been so impressed with a breed.  They are calm, easy going, great with any person, dog, cat, etc. Their first response is love and kisses.  Being the breed with the least wolf-like tendencies, it's easy to see why they are so embraceable. Their fur is soft and their muzzles are irresistibly kissable.

 Puppies can be picked up from our Happy Cavalier Home in Bend, Oregon or (for an additional fee) flown in cabin with our flight nanny and delivered into your hands at your airport. The price for an AKC Registered Happy Cavalier puppy is $2000 including the microchip for your sweet baby and a 2 year Health guarantee. He/or she will have had 4 dewormings and all age appropriate immunizations.You will receive a happy, healthy, well-balanced, socialized, affectionate, gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Cavaliers get along with everyone and everything.  They are so incredible; they even have the capacity to relax a less balanced dog when it is in their presence.  You will fall in love instantly with your new companion, and he (or she) will adore and worship you like no other.

"And now Frenchies?"

Yes, my heart is fuller than ever with the addition of our sweet French Bulldogs.  This all came from our love of little piglets.  As you may know, teacup piglets grow to be heavier than a large dog, despite the name.  Frenchies have cute little piggy bodies and can make adorable sounds, are super playful characters, require very little grooming, and only grow to about 25 pounds max.  Many are much smaller.  They come in many, many gorgeous colors and their faces make you smile. The price is $3,000 for a French Bulldog. The Cavaliers and Frenchies get along great and we look forward to our ongoing breeding adventures in the years to come.

 Blenheim Cavalier puppies available
Responsible Breeding from Happy Cavaliers


​Click this link to better understand our breeding practices.  The well-being of our Cavaliers is our top priority.  Our Cavaliers are not kenneled or separated from us.  Stay-at-home breeding allows us to give love and care 24/7. The Cavaliers live with us as family and they even sleep with Jana.  We absolutely adore our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and it shows.  Many of our new puppy parents have commented on how well-balanced our dogs are.  We frequently hear "You are doing something right.  Our puppy is perfect!"

 Ruby Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies available
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy

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"I have not smiled so much in a day………ever.

I have not laughed out loud so much in a day………..ever.

Thank you so much for suggesting we take two pups."

Patricia Grimes

All our breeding adults are health screened and have AKC Champion lineage.  Most of our Cavaliers are AKC Champion sired.
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My daughter, Maisy, crocheted these hats for Plum and Apollo.

Some of our past puppies:
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies for sale

Misty Myers

November 5 at 8:40 AM


Mandy Lea Goforth love to hear! Our first day/night went well. His body language is so easy to read (so far) so no potty accidents yet and only one night time potty need. He’s such a Snuggle bug and it’s quite obvious that he was very well socialized with other dogs and people. ❤️. Thank you Happy Cavaliers!!!! 


I just can not tell you how happy we are with Auggie he so gentle and loving. And he scratches at the door to go out. I mean what how??? You are doing something right even one who has met him just can not believe how great he is.

Three cheers to you


Missy Sloane

Vancouver, WA · 


I can’t. I can’t with this boy. I love him so much😍He is beyond anything I ever hoped for: the sweetest, kindest, silliest, goofiest, most loving and adorable dog. I want to cry he makes me so happy. It’s hard going from an only pup to a big brother but he’s doing great and loving on his lil sis💕

Sorry I love my dog! Jk. I’m not. He’s better than everything!


Hi Jana,

Cali was spayed today, attaching my spay receipt. She is the sweetest dog and I feel so grateful to have her, she is 12.4 lbs and maybe still growing.


Thank you for bringing her into my life, she is everything I always wanted in a pup.



Sarah Weiser 

Stacey Welling Thank you Jana for raising such a beautiful well tempered baby. We just love him. Murphy went for his first vet visit today. Happy and healthy. Will neuter him around 5 months old. Next set of shots in 3 weeks . 
He was exhausted the first night but ate well and slept good! Marnie wanted me to tell you thanks for sending her a new brother!!!
10/19/17 from Candice Moyer

Murphy is such a joy and we are beyond blessed to have him in our lives. Murphy brings so much happiness that we never knew existed before he was here. When he comes to work with me he brightens my patients lives that live in emotional darkness. He has such a positive affect on everyone. This is thanks to you and the way you bred him and raised him. THANK YOU! He is so well balanced, calm but playful, lovable, sweet, fun, and most of all happy. When we received him he was almost potty trained. Now he is fully potty trained and knows how to sit, come, stay, down, and be nice (which means no nibbling). Life would not be complete unless he was in here with us THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.  You should know how positively your role as a breeder affects so many lives.

On Wednesday, October 18, 2017, 5:08:50 PM MDT, Keener, Joshua  wrote:




Sorry for taking so long to write but we have finally found some time to provide an update!

Maxwell is an absolute angel and we cannot imagine not having him in our life! 

He does wonderful at the vet for each appointment and is loved by all that work there. He does wonderful with shots and made it through the neutering with no problems.

He is the most social pup I have ever been around. He absolutely loves every human and most animals he encounters. He is SOOO great with kids! 

Him and our cat are the absolute best of friends! Its been so fun to watch them grow and play together. 

Michele Gervase‎ to Happy Cavaliers

 Oceanside, NY · 

Hello ! Just writing an update on our little boy Bentley ! We have Bentley for almost a month now he is 4 months , and let me tell you he is the best little guy ever !! From the moment he came off the plane he was so friendly and loving , like he already knew us ! Everywhere we take him we are constantly stopped . People compliment him all he time how beautiful he is and his markings , to how happy and loving he is! The vet staff loves him and he is great at the vet . Not scarred of anything ! Loves to go for walks and just play the day away ! Everyone always asks where we go him and I tell them happy cavaliers , it doesn't get any better ! We are so lucky and thankful for a sweet lovable healthy puppy ! Can't wait until we are ready for another one ! THANK YOU AGAIN !



Hello Jana,


Attached is a copy of little one’s visit with Dr. Bond yesterday.


She was the star of the clinic !!


Dr. Bond was very pleased with her heart, eyes, and joints, and of course, with her cuddles !


She already seems to know she’s the princess of her kingdom.


Have almost narrowed the list down to a name …. we’ve been trying out “Carsley” today.


Thank you for enriching our life with this little one !


~  Tina and Ron



Hi Jana 


We made it to the vet Monday and everything looks great! Pippa is just such an amazing dog. She has been so great with the kids. She scratched at our back door tonight to go outside. Once outside she went poop and potty! We have had no accident (knock on wood) and she is great in the night.


Overall we are in puppy heaven!


Thanks again for an amazing puppy and experience


Guess family


Hi Jana,


Attached is the receipt from our vet from Phoebe's spay surgery and a picture of her playing with our other dog, who she adores.  We're all so in love with her. She's not only adorable and a sweet girl who loves to cuddle, she also has a sassy side that cracks us up. 


Hope all is well,

Michelle Simmons


Hi Jana,


Just writing to let you know Rudder was spayed this morning. She did great and is now recovering. I've attached the receipt from the vet, and a photo of her sleeping!


Rudder has been such a joy to have! I cannot thank you enough for breeding such sweet pups. I am already looking forward to the day I can bring home a sibling for Rudder! 



Thanks again!





Good Morning Jana,


Thank you for everything. We've had nothing but amazing things to say about you to our friends and family and I plan to give you a five star review. The people at the airport said that you can always tell the quality breeders because they pick nice kennels, provide food and water, have padding for the pup, and thought it was sweet you added a bone. I just thought you should know that we think you're great!


We love Henry and he seems to be adjusting very well. We are in awe of how he already seems to be potty trained! Everyone in the family is so happy about our new baby boy. (Note from Jana : Henry and Davie are pictured above on left laying in the grass)


Thank you for everything.







Bob Bannon again.

Thanks for letting us get to know Evie!  

She is a total treat.  I am really enjoying being with her.  


She is smart,  and a huge comfort to me.   

She loves being rubbed under her chin,  and I pretty much enjoy doing it for her.   


I have taken her to dog parks several times,  she could not have better behavior. She has met a lot of larger dogs, and today she touched noses with a smaller beagle, and they just had a big sniff-fest.  

I keep a baggie of her favorite ‘Taste of the Wild’ kibble in my pocket,  and dole them out as she has good behavior.


My daughter, Amy, keeps asking if I am pleased to have the dog.     I could not be more pleased.  

She is such a sweet dog.   Thank you so much. 

Thanks, again,   


Bob B


PS    She LOVES the Nu Vet supplement.  




Hi Jana,


I'm writing you to let you know Boise was neutered om April 21st. The surgery went well and they also repaired his umbilical hernia and removed some baby teeth. I've attached the doctor's note, but let me know if you need something else. 

I'm also writing you to thank you for giving us the best puppy we've ever known. Boise is the sweetest, most loving dog. He immediately became part of our family and he brought us even closer. He almost never barks, never became agressive or stressed. The only things he knows are love and happiness. When we walk him, people on the street stop us every 50 feet to pet him and get his kisses. He loves each and every person he meets. My parents could not believe when they met him - they also never met a dog that is so loving and mellow. 

I have some pictures for you here. He has the same nose mark as his mama, which is the most adorable thing. His fur is so soft and lustrous, his body is small, but muscular. In sum, you gave us the perfect dog. Thank you so much, Jana.   (Boise and Camila are pictured above on the left)





Hello Jana! 


I just wanted to attach some pictures of Marnie along with the paperwork for her spay. She is such a sweet baby and everybody absolutely adores her! I can't take her for walks without being stopped by almost every person. I hope you and all the dogs are doing well. Hopefully in the next 2-3 years I will be contacting you for a new friend for Marnie!



All the best! 

- Darlene & Marnie.


Dear women,


I have not smiled so much in a day………ever.

I have not laughed out loud so much in a day………..ever.


Obie is 11lbs 7ozs and Leah is 10lbs 6ozs.  


Thank you so much for suggesting we take two pups.


Leah is the aggressive one.  She takes treat chew things away and runs.  Obie drops his and is into the

chase. Obie is more cuddly with sweet kisses. You were right, they love their vitamins.  


I hung bells on the door and they have been asking to be let out to use the bathroom since 3 months old.  We

only went thru one full roll of paper towel getting to that point.


They know their names, come, off, and working on sit. Today we went to buy body harnesses to walk them because

they choke themselves on walks.  We try to go two blocks each day. With the harnesses I think we will start longer walks.


We (husband) gets them up between 2 and 3 and I am up to begin the day about 6am.  Good bladders.


Leah has a hernia that will be fixed when they are spayed and neutered, in two months.  Our vet and staff love them.

Our grandchildren love them.  The pet store owner loves them. The neighbors love them. 







Alison Perry · (From Happy Cavaliers Facebook page post) How sweet. The best decision was adopting my sweet baby from Happy Cavaliers. Jackson is just over 2 years old now and is happy and a very healthy little man.(Jackson is pictured above. He is the Tricolor sitting upright, facing left)


Jana and Francis:  We are so very happy with Polly and Pepper, and you have done a five star job on this whole process.  The babies are doing so well, and I actually got some sleep last night.  They are eating, drinking and playing, and feel right at home with us too.  I registered their microchips this morning, and they see the vet this coming Wednesday.  I will keep in touch.😁 Brenda


Here's a few pictures of Bueller. He's doing so well! He can sit, shake, lay down, and roll over. My heart is bursting with love for him!

Julie (Note from Jana: Bueller is pictured on the bottom right corner of past puppies pics)


Hi Jan,  It's been one week home with Sadie.  She has had her exam and shots.  She is healthy and happy and the best puppy we have ever had.  We put her to bed at 11:00 and she sleeps all night, eight hours, and is up at 7:00AM.  
    Her eye contact is superb.  She is always looking at our faces. And she is learning her name and coming to us when called.  She is calm and well adjusted.  
    We have never had a cavalier.  Is this behavior just the breed?  Or her personality or a combination of both?  We could not be happier.  Thank you again.  Michelle scully


Hi Jana!  I hope Francis made it home safely with no problems. I can't thank you two enough for your amazing customer service driving him here so he didn't have to go on a plane and be scared.


He is adjusting very well. He already knows I'm his "person" and has learned sit and shake!  So smart!


He likes to sleep above my head. Which is fine now because he's tiny, but we'll have to start adjusting that as he grows. :)


I took him to the vet yesterday and they about cried over his perfectness. The vet even said, "This is why I do this job." He got a clean bill of health. 


Thank you for giving my baby such a loving and wonderful first home. It shows in his sweet behavior and in his health.


Rest assured, his life will be filled with attention, love, kisses, and all of the best I can offer him.




Sophie is such a sweetheart. We have a small soft crate in the bed next to us at night. She spent the first half of the night sleeping in her crate. The second part of the night was spent snuggling with my husband on our bed. She is very good about informing us when she needs to go potty. 


We are so thrilled to have her as a part of our family. 

Shirin, Aurora, IL


Hi Jana,

She is doing so well. We absolutely love her to the moon and back. Her disposition is excellent and she is gorgeous. I've had people stop their cars in the neighborhood where we go for our walks and want to know where I got her. I can't even begin to tell you how many people tell me she's the cutest puppy they've ever seen. Our basset hound, Copper, accepted her within minutes of her being in the house. I'd intended to do a slower introduction but he loved her very quickly.  

I'll send pics for you. I've been meaning to ask you what shampoo you used on her. She smelled wonderful for days after we brought her home.  


From Jana: I have added the grooming products I use on my page titled "Preparing for Your Puppy"




 Today is an important day!


One year ago today we met Francis to pick up the most precious of cargo.  He handed me this little ball of fluff that just couldn't stop wiggling and giving us kisses.


The last year with her has been so wonderful.  I honestly can't remember what life was like before Truffle.  She brings so much laughter and joy into our lives. 


She has grown into a beautiful little lady!  She is still on the smaller at around 11.5 pounds but her vet doesn't think she will get much bigger.   She loves her kitty brothers and has so many friends.  I have never known a happier puppy.  I definitely attribute her happy manner to you love and care I know you give each and every puppy.  Without having had you in her life I don't think she'd be the amazing pup she is today.


To this day we can't thank you enough for her.  If we hadn't found you and Happy Cavilers I don't think we would have her, I don't even think we'd have a dog.  Whenever someone asks me where we got her I can't give them your information fast enough.  I tell them all about the wonderful experience and have encouraged them all to go to your site and contact you.   I still love going to your site every few months to see updated pictures and check out any available puppies. 


Lots of love!

The Kaiser Family



Just a note of thanks for this wonderful little girl. 

It's been just over a month since Rosie has come home and it has gone better than expected.  

She has slept through the night ( snuggling across my neck most of the time ) and no potty accidents since coming home.

The care you give these little guys before going to their new homes is quite apparent. 


Thank you again -- Couldn't be happier!




 Hi Jana
Just wanted to drop some pics of Henry and let you know I get so many people stop me and want to know where I bought Henry.  I have had breeders stop me too and tell me how fit and athletic he is and how smart he is.  He legs are long and he his furs is super white and very soft. I bath with Mustela Bebe shampoo .  He loves bath time.  He still has a prominent heart shaped spot which people stop to photograph. 

Rosa Farry



I was just telling Matt today how incredibly grateful we are to have Athena in our lives.  She has basically cured my depression. We got her on May 15th a year ago, just wanted to share this picture with you. The love that these two have for each other is  truly magical. The love I have for her is sublime. ...

Much love to you and the cavalier clan..

ॐ Catalina Edwards


Bill F.  Ogden, UT

Our family came home with 2 perfect tricolor boys. We could not be happier with Jana (awesome breeder) and the breed as a whole. The little guys have the best temperament and personalities and are incredibly smart. We cannot say enough about how great Janna is as a breeder, it certainly shows through with her pups. If your considering a CKCS, you will not find a single fault in Jana's breeding practices and honestly these are the best looking pups we've seen!

May 6, 2016



Hi Jana!!

Saoirse is perfect and doing amazing. I seriously have no idea how I got on without her all this time. She's my baby and my buddy, and Avery's new best friend.

We're definitely going to always keep her on the NuVet, and I've actually transitioned her to a raw diet too (I went with Darwin's) and she LOVES it. She's so much bigger and fluffier than when she came. She brushes her own teeth in the morning by chewing on a soft bristled baby toothbrush with coconut oil on it in the morning and at I night I give them a once over. I swear she's healthier than any of us. 😂 She sleeps from 1030-7 every night, either on my pillow or in my arm pit. She's even stopped asking to pee at night already an just goes in the morning. Both cats like her, but she's really bonded with my male, they're besties and he's so gentle with her. She listens perfectly, always has. She's crazy smart and catches on to everything in no time. Still working on the house training of course, but she's doing great. If I'm not timely enough she uses the pee pad most of the time.

Thank you so much, she's being amazing and we're all so in love. 💜

She's doing amazingly. I think over 6lb now, but I only have the house scale, so it's hard to tell exactly. I swear she knew how to sit already, she's known and done it without fail every time I've asked. Food or not. So she knows it perfectly now. Every new thing I teach her she gets in 5 minutes. Sleeps a good 10 hours straight every night(in my armpit), I've never really lost any sleep because if her. She's so balanced. Full if energy and is feisty, but knows when to stop and is SUCH a cuddle.   Her and one of the cats are besties. She licks him all over and he lets her do literally anything to him.

A friend who's going to be looking for(another, she had one growing up) Cavalier in the near future and was so impressed by her and everything I had to say about you guys she asked for your info and should be contacting you when they're more situated.

I know I'm bias, but I swear she's the most beautiful Cavalier I've ever seen. Lol. Perfect little face. And she's really starting to turn red! Taking her to the coast this weekend, I'm sure there will be pictures. :p

❤UPDATE 8/19/16

I hope all is well with you guys! Saoirse is still thriving and doing great. She's over 10lbs now and so tall! Still sleeps the night next to me and is a great listener. She knows sit, up, down, turn, stay(and has to wait for my que before attacking the food dish) and kiss. The kiss isn't a lick, she actually just presses her lips to mine, it's pretty darn cute.





Dec 17. 2015

Hello Jana and Francis,


I’m sorry we haven’t emailed sooner but we have been so busy with our newest addition to the family.  We wanted to thank you for making this such a wonderful experience and for Francis meeting us halfway so we didn’t have to drive all the way to Idaho. She traveled very well, sleeping and cuddling all the way home. 


We made our first trip to the Vet and she was the star of the whole place.  The Vet gave her a clean bill of health and loved her beautiful shiny coat.  Her housebreaking is going extremely well and she has not had a single accident in the house.  My Mom’s favorite part of her coloring is her little white chin that she refers to it as her little “milk chin.”  Her soft, shiny coat and markings could not be more perfect.  She is truly a beauty.


We all could not be any happier with how her personality turned out.  She has the ideal combination of going from playful and energetic to being a cuddly lap dog. 


As you may have noticed by the fact that we keep referring to her as “she” that we haven’t decided on a name that fits her yet.  Even after only three days our entire family adores her completely.


We want to thank you for providing all the pictures and videos of our sweet puppy while we waited to finally meet her.  We will keep in touch with pictures as she grows and questions that may come up.   

Merry Christmas to your family and all your Cavaliers!

-The MacNeill's


(By the way she is sleeping on my lap as I have been writing this.)




Hey Jana,

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for letting us stop by and visit. For people who really love cavaliers (like me) it was seriously a bit of heaven. The four of us had more fun in 30 minutes at your place than I can remember. (The highlight was probably watching your husband blow bubbles with the dogs.) I wanted to tell you that I was completely impressed by your operation. I cannot imagine the amount of work it takes to keep all those dogs in your house and keep them happy and clean. Your house is spotless! and every crate and every puppy was also spotless. Even the fish tank was spotless. Needless to say, I was impressed with your operation and completely impressed with you. Thanks for letting us drop by. We will be in touch. Kind regards, Reagan Davis




Oh my, where do I begin? The first two or three days the Walking Dead had nothing on us. This little ball of fur had these two old folks going. We are finally getting a routine down, and everything isn't new to all of us. The Vet says she is in great shape, and he is very impressed with you. His opinion is you are a very good breeder, and very invested in your animals.

I have wanted a Yorkie for many years, and we found a lady here who has Yorkies. We were going to pick one up yesterday, we talked about it for several days, and about dealing with you, and how you are with your pups. This breeder would not let us see the mom and dad, or the other puppies. She did not instill any confidence in us at all, so we decided to pass. We did not want to endanger Peanut's health.

Anyway, we have the most adorable puppy on the planet. She flies around the back yard, that Scott has puppy proofed to the nth degree, ears flying. She looks like wonder dog. She is learning so many things so quickly it is amazing. She is growing like a weed. She appears confident and well adjusted, and smarter than us.

Thank you for our puppy.

Scott, Judy



I've wanted a Cavalier for a long time, my husband has always known we would have one someday.   When the time came and we were ready, I did some searching online and talked to a couple of breeders. But when I spoke with Jana, I knew I needn't look any further.  From the beginning, communication with Jana was easy; she understood my excitement.  The anticipation at being a new puppy owner, and finally getting the one puppy I have dreamed of, was overwhelming.  We contacted her a few months before any litters were due and kept in contact.  On June 25th, 2015, I received the call from Jana that absolutely changed our lives!  She was here; our newest addition had finally arrived!  Knowing the color we wanted but not being sure of the sex, Jana called and sent me a picture of the new baby born just hours earlier.  From the moment I saw her I knew that she was meant for our family.  I actually cried with excitement on the phone with Jana I was so happy. Jana was trying to talk to me and here I was a blubbering mess.  The excitement carried on and I frequently requested updates on our new little girl, who we named Truffle.  She always responded quickly and went along with my enthusiasm.  As the time got closer and the anxiety of being a new puppy parent kicked in, I started requesting more updates and asking questions. Jana's response was amazing; always there and encouraging.  
When the day came to finally meet our Truffle, we just couldn't wait!  Coming face to face with this precious little puppy who we'd seen grow over the last eight weeks was indescribable, and yes again I cried and my husband of course was there taking pictures! Our lives have changed so much over the last two months and the joy our Truffle has brought to our lives cannot be put into words.  It's amazing. Honestly, if we hadn't found Jana and Happy Cavaliers our lives would be missing so much.
I absolutely cannot thank Jana enough for making the entire process so easy. Just knowing she is there should I have any questions or for support is amazing!  Any one I now meet who is looking for a Cavalier I tell them about Jana.  
The future holds so many new adventure's with Truffle as a part of our lives!  We are excited to take her everywhere with us!

Marilyn K, Beaverton, OR




Jana and Happy Cavaliers are outstanding!  From the moment I saw her website, to the first time we spoke on the phone, you know how very much Jana loves her cavaliers.   Jana breeds to the highest standards of excellence which shows in the beauty and loving disposition of her dogs.   Jana's cavaliers are surrounded by the love of her family 24/7 and it shows in their sociability, friendliness and happy nature.  Jana kindly offers her expertise and is always happy to help when needed.  When we chose our two boys, one blenheim and one black/tan she sent us photos and videos frequently.    Jana and Happy Cavaliers are truly the best!   We love our boys so very much and all this happiness was brought into our home through Jana and her wonderful cavaliers.

  • Kelli S., Corvallis.OR




June Jones, Wallowa, Oregon


I lost a special friend in May in 2014 and was heartbroken.  I became acquainted with the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels through a friend who had one.  So I started a search to find a puppy.  I found Jana's website Happy Cavaliers while going through many searches and was lucky to find that she had just had a litter and I was lucky enough to choose my little girl when she was first born.  Jana was always willing to talk with me on the phone and answer any questions I had about this breed since I had always had labs.  I wanted a smaller dog and was absolutely taken with their loving personality.  Jana sent me weekly pictures of my "Emma" and then a video.  I was so excited and anxious to get her, we had to drive about six hours to Bend, Or.  We went the day before so we could get the necessary supplies that Jana advised we would need.  When we arrived at her house I was so impressed with the cleanliness and antiseptic that she had at her door for us to walk through.  The house and dog area was spotless, there were about 27 dogs and puppies and absolutely no odor whatsoever.  She let me sit on the floor and play with my new girl and the other puppy there as well as the adult dogs.  Jana truly lives with her dogs, she sleeps on the floor with them and spends all her time caring for them and loving them.  When my Emma caught  some kind of infection, Jana was right there on the phone helping me through it and even discussing the care with my vet.  Jana truly loves her dogs and it shows in the personality of the puppies.  Emma owns my heart, I have never loved a dog so much or enjoyed one's company so much, she loves me unconditionally and is so happy to see me whether I'm gone five minutes or 2 hours.  She wants to meet every person she sees and every dog.  She sits and gazes at my horse in wonder, but is just a bit apprehensive about getting too close.  I wish I would have gotten two!  




The following is from Lydia Beek, a Danish customer of Happy Cavaliers who is now getting her second puppy from us .


We have always had dogs! My whole life I was surrounded by dogs, but never a dog so cute, happy, social and adorable as a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I still remember, not long ago, actually only 6 months... Luna came into our lives. A Happy Cavalier King Charles Spaniel... What a long name right? We were just moved to our new home a day ago and couldn't wait to embrace her. She was doing awesome, transition went above expecting and I carried her on my chest for hours the first couple of days. She loved that and when I spoke with her breeder Jana, she told me that she did the same with the puppies, carrying them on her chest sometimes! Our Black and Tan Luna, official named Luna Sweetie. My little daughter of 2 called her by that name.. It wasn't easy to find a qualified breeder who had a Black and Tan pup available. I spend long hours to check out all the breeders, called them but no... Then on a Saterday afternoon, around 1.30 pm, she popped up, the most beautiful Black and Tan girl I've ever seen Luna 6.5 weeks old. I immediately called the breeder if she still was available and ask her, Jana, owner and breeder of Happy Cavaliers, if we couldn't drop by to meet her. We were more than welcome. After a 3.5 hour drive, we arrived and the first thing I noticed was how clean everything was. All the dogs live inside their home, the living room is a dog heaven! So many dogs, so clean,  no smell at all, amazing! Jana was very helpful and friendly. A breeder with a heart for her babies! The dogs and puppy's are very clean, groomed and they look healthy and are happy! Jana deserves the name 'Happy' Caveliers, because they are happy! If you consider to extend your family with a Cav, call Jana! She is the best breeder I've ever met. Luna is 8 months old now and everybody loves her. She is adorable, loving and so sweet. She is a joy in our family and lives. Jana warned me already, if you start owning a Cav, you want to have another one or more.. (It is like a delicious dessert after a heavy meal... You always have room for that dessert.) I have to confess, that is true. Our Pippa is born a couple weeks ago, Luna's sister, another Black and Tan beautiful princess. Of course, she is born in Jana's house! We will meet her in two and a half week, after a single trip of 6,5 hour. They moved to another state and place, to a beautiful new place to live with their dogs. A bigger property so more fun for the Cav's. Running and playing outside and after that, sleeping in front of the fireplace while Jana makes them a nice dinner.

  • Lydia B.

  • West Linn, OR





Betsy Clouse Meridian, ID 


We have had two Cavaliers and LOVE the breed! We wanted another Cavalier and searched the internet for breeders. I was impressed with the Happy Cavaliers website. I called Jana, the breeder, and was struck with her compassion, knowledge of the breed, professionalism, high standard of excellence and her love and enthusiasm for Cavaliers. At the time she lived in Bend, OR - a 5 hour drive from our home. Our precious Blenheim Bentley was born in June. Jana sent pictures and videos frequently. Then, much to our surprise, she told us her family was moving to Nampa, ID - 20 minutes from us! They arrived in July and she immediately welcomed us into her home. So many beautiful Cavaliers all in her home - loved and cared for by Jana and her family. Such a wonderful, loving and fun experience!  We're so fortunate to have a breeder with Jana's integrity in Idaho. I highly recommend Jana and her "Happy" Cavaliers! Our little Bentley will be ready to come to our home in 12 days - we can't wait!




February 25, 2015

Dear American Kennel Club,


You have a hero in your midst.  A kind hearted, compassionate, caring hero in your midst.  She is Jana Washatka, breeder of Cavalier King Charles, and owner of Happy Cavaliers, Nampa, Idaho.


I met Jana after our beloved Cavalier of nearly 13 years passed away.  Our family was heart broke beyond words.   We knew it was time to fill a large void missing from our hearts.  From the first glimpse of her website, Happy Cavaliers, to the first e-mail and phone call, I knew I had met a very special person.  With a heart of compassion and empathy, Jana understood losing such a loving family member.  She helped me through a grieving process as I had never lost a pet before, let alone one so special as our dog Little Red.

Jana’s Cavalier Evie had puppies on Christmas eve.  We talked about bringing a new puppy into our home and the joy that would bring back to my family.  Jana shared that “she was always here for me, if I ever had questions I could always talk with her.”  She even expressed that “whether I bought one of her puppies or not, she would always help me, anytime, I could always call her.”  That statement meant a lot to me because I learned that Jana had integrity, was exceptionally kind and cared more about those around her, and her very special dogs and puppies, than being just a breeder who wanted to sale.......

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On Wednesday, December 24, 2014 3:39 PM, lynne davis  wrote:


hi Jana, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas from Bode and myself.  He found his bag of wrapped toys the other day, but I told him he had to wait(very unhappy) so I moved the bag to higher ground and he stares at it longingly every day.

Honestly, he has turned out to be absolutely gorgeous....everyone that sees him says he's one of the prettiest cavaliers they have ever seen.  His ears are "really" long and his coloring and coat are beautiful.  I don't know if you remember, but I have had cavaliers for quite a long time and now I have 4....one in every color, but he is the prettiest and also sooooo sweet.  All my cav's are super sweet but Bode LOVES to be held and cuddled much more than my others.  He still sleeps in either my arm pit or spread eagle on top of me and also loves to sit on my husbands lap which is not the norm (he is the only dog that does that).

Anyway, I just wanted you to know how much I love him and how happy a little guy he is.  Also, my Blenheim (Kimber) is getting pretty old and I will want to re-purchase a puppy from you when the time comes.  I think you've got something special going on..... in regards to your breeding stock..... because, even though my other cav's are all wonderful, Bode is something "special", and I bought all my dogs from top rated breeders in Oregon and Ca.

I've taken up enough of your time, I hope you have a wonderful xmas........happy holidays, lynne 

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