Jana Smith is a proud mother of two daughters. Aidan (25) and Maisy (21).  She lives in Bend, Oregon with her husband, Scott Smith.  Starting with a career in the healing arts almost 30 years ago as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Jana has continued to learn and grow her practice to incorporate different healing modalities.  Understanding the many benefits of CBD and Lavender, she began growing both on her 40 acre property.  Currently , 5 acres of each crop are grown at 10 Ring Farms.

Scott has one daughter, Jessica (26) and two grandchildren, Jaydlynn (7) and Colton(4).  Scott has experience with Search and Rescue, Firefighting, and law enforcement.  He joined Jana in 2019, helping run 10 Ring Farms.  Being an avid target bow shooter, 10 Ring Farms got its name.  (The bullseye is the 10 Ring.)