Cavalier King Charles Spaniel owners.  All my Cavaliers come microchipped. You will register the chip at




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Mini Microchips


The Tiny But Mighty NEW Microchip!  
Tiny Chip • Tiny Needle • 

Same great features as our best selling chip - but A LOT smaller.  Two years in development, the mini chip is guaranteed for the life of the animal.

You will never go back to regular microchips!

►  Mini is safe and simple to use
►  Easy on the pet - Easy on you!
►  Mini is only 1/4 inch long!
►  Universal microchips 125 kHz or 134 kHz (ISO)
►  Activation Cards included for Online Registration
►  Produced and guaranteed by Microchip ID Systems, Inc.

"The 'mini' microchips are amazing!  Microchipping is now as easy as vaccinating.  There is simply no stress and no tissue trauma.  Perfect for puppies!"
Yvette Vinton, DVM  ~  Vinton Veterinary Services


Puppies or positions on the list are held when non-refundable $600 down payment is received.  Paypal and credit/debit card payments add 3-4%.