Dogs need consistent feeding times and access to the potty area often. This makes house training a bit easier and more predictable.  Only feed their dry kibble and never table food.  Tell your children and guests this rule to avoid mealtime problems.

  1. Take him outside often:  When he wakes up, after eating or drinking a lot, every 2-3 hours.   Give him lots of opportunities for success. Put him down and say "Go Potty".  When he does, whisper "Good Potty".  If you are loud, he may stop out of distraction.  Allow him time to play outside afterward if he wishes.

  2. ​Feed on schedule. (1/4c-1/3c) 3 times a day (or maybe 4) for Cavaliers.  For Frenchies, 3 times a day (1/3 c each meal  as puppies gradually increasing to 1/2 c each meal as adults).  For Cavalier adults, feed only twice a day with a greater portion (heaping 1/3c) at each meal. Hard kibble ONLY!

  3. Appreciate the fact that a puppy can only hold his bladder for one hour more than the amount of months old he is.  So, a 2 month old puppy (the age when you receive yours) can only hold it for 3 hours max).

  4. Recognize the signs.  Sniffing the floor means "I am about to pee." Circling means "I am about to poop."

  5. Do not feed 3 hours or less before bedtime.

  6. Teach him to go on a reusable pee pee pad (see Preparing for your Puppy page), if you can't take him outside every two to three hours.

  7. If he hasn't gone potty when you take him outside do not let him on carpet.

  8. Positive recognition works, negative is negative!!

  9. Keep him on a floor that has no carpeting until you feel safe like 4 to 6 months.

  10. If he sleeps with you, (I hope), set the alarm to take him out half way through the night until 6 months.

  11. Hold him on couch or chair but don't let him down on carpet.

  12. Do not feed before taking in the car or putting in crate.

  13. Take on small 20 to 30 min rides in car on a dog bed before longer car trips

  14. Add canned pumpkin to dry kibble if bowels are soft.  This also prevents puppy playing with poop. Yuck. 

House training and Potty Training your Puppy