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  •  Puppy Sales Contract 
    I, JANA WASHATKA, (hereinafter referred to as "SELLER") agree to sell the puppy described as: 
    Name: __________________________________ 
    Sire: _______ Dam: _____________________         
    Date of Birth: __________ Sex: __
    Color: _
    To ________________, (hereinafter referred to as "Buyer"). 
    The Cavalier puppy or position on the list will be held when a non-refundable deposit is received.  AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy- 8 weeks of age $2000
    $__600. Deposit received on  ___ ,  Travel cost: _$400_____Boarding fee $___
    PayPal/Credit Card Fee:  $________   (If you decide to pay with PayPal or Credit Card, there will be a 3.3-4% added fee.) 
    Total Remaining Balance due:  $_______
    Balance must be paid in full 1 week before Cavalier puppy can be shipped or when puppy is being picked up. Puppy is to be received at 8 weeks of age. If more than 4 days past 8 weeks, boarding fee is charged at a rate of $140 per week.  

Conditions of Sale:

1.) Buyer MUST take puppy to veterinarian of choice within 72 hours, at buyer’s expense, for health guarantee to be valid. If this is not done, the health guarantee becomes invalid and Buyer assumes all responsibility for the health of the puppy.
Buyer initial _____ to agree to above “1.)” terms

2.) Buyer agrees to maintain the puppy’s health in good condition, and to provide yearly examinations, regular grooming sessions, vaccinations, heartworm test, monthly prevention drops (Revolution), and any other usual procedures necessary to assure good health.  Puppy is to be spayed/neutered (with a mandatory CBC blood panel performed) by 9 months of age for females and11 months of age for males and proof be mailed or texted to :  Happy Cavaliers: Jana Washatka 140 N. Pit Lane Nampa, ID 83687  208-602-4075

Buyer has not paid for breeding or showing rights.  If satisfactory spay/neuter verification is failed to be presented to Seller within this time frame, Buyer will fall into the “Breeder/shower” classification and will remit balance of $2050 to Seller within 2 months of this re-classification.
Buyer initial _____ to agree to above “2.)” terms

​3.) Buyer agrees to provide a safe, secure, and suitable environment for this puppy.  Seller places Cavalier puppies in NON-SMOKING HOMES only.  Buyer will not leave Cavalier puppy alone for more than 2 hours maximum and no more than 3 ½ hours as an adult.  Cavaliers need companionship and buyer will provide this.
Buyer initial _____ to agree to above “3.)” terms

4.) Buyer agrees that if at any time he/she cannot take proper care of the Cavalier puppy, the buyer MUST contact the seller and the seller will have first choice to either: (a) take the puppy back (at buyers expense) or (b) assist the buyer in finding a suitable home for the puppy.
Buyer initial: ______ to agree to “4.)”  above terms

**The Seller neither makes nor implies any warranties or guarantees express or implied, other than those written in the agreement including, without limitation, the warranties of merchantability and fitness. This document constitutes the entire agreement between the Seller and Buyer with respect to this sale. The buyer’s signature below indicates that he/she has read, agrees and does understand all the conditions of the sales agreement and contract of sale.  Any and all litigations will be handled in Canyon County in the state of Idaho **

Buyer Signature: ____________________________________________
Buyer Print:
Seller Signature: __Jana Washatka
Seller Print: Jana Washatka Date: ____________

OPTIONAL EXTENSION ADDENDUM TO BREEDERS CONTRACT Highly Recommended “Due to the varying kinds of food and different environmental conditions the puppies come in contact with; and the fact that all puppies have immune systems that take time to mature, we highly recommend NuVet Plus® immune system builder to help them maintain optimal health. We are so confident NuVet Plus will benefit your new Cavalier puppy; we will extend this guarantee by 12 additional months. To qualify for this guarantee extension you must give your new Cavalier puppy NuVet Plus, using the manufacturer’s recommended daily dosage, for the entire guarantee period (the first two years.) Failure to do so makes this guarantee extension null and void.” We also highly recommend you continue to give your pet NuVet Plus beyond the guarantee period to promote optimal health for a lifetime. Visit to order.

Buyer initial _____ to having read the 12 month extension on guarantee.

Health Guarantee:  Cavalier Puppy is guaranteed until one year of age against genetic/congenital defects, which would cause death or the need to be humanely euthanized. Should the Cavalier puppy be diagnosed with any life threatening congenital defect or dies within first year for any genetic reason, a written veterinarian report, with autopsy, must be submitted in writing and signed by a licensed veterinarian at buyer’s expense. Seller MUST be notified of the problem within 24 hours of the veterinarian’s determination. Seller must receive veterinarian report. If Cavalier puppy dies and veterinarian autopsy determines cause to be congenital, seller will replace Cavalier puppy with the first available puppy of the same value as soon as possible. No replacement puppy will be given if the Cavalier puppy has been euthanized without prior permission of the Seller.
A returned Cavalier puppy must be returned to Seller in good condition, other than specified problem, at the buyer’s expense. Buyer will then qualify for a replacement puppy of equal value (determined by seller) out of our next available litter. Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Seller. There will be no cash refunds.
Any physical problem which is or could be the result of injury, over feeding, underfeeding, and does not have up to date records of vaccinations, de-worming, and heart guard, are not covered under this guarantee. Other certain disorders that may be caused by environmental factors, such as, allergies, thyroid dysfunction, ear mite, mange, and other autoimmune disorders are not covered in this guarantee. 

Excitement, over-exertion, panting, stress from the flight and transition to new home are all factors that can cause a temporary heart murmur. Heart Murmurs Class 1-3 are often diagnosed at the first appointment within 72 hours of receiving puppy.  These are not covered under this guarantee.  These usually go away within a few weeks or 6 months at the latest. Regardless, this is not a life threatening condition and has no effect on the day to day health of the Cavalier puppy. This guarantee does not include hernias/ruptures, hypoglycemia, coccidiosis, or giardia, which can happen in puppies that are stressed from moving to new homes. All veterinarian charges, incurred by the purchaser, are the sole responsibility of the purchaser and will under no circumstances be paid by the seller, including spay or neuter charges. The seller guarantees a healthy companion Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, but does not guarantee breeding or show quality, adult size, coat type, ear set, or temperament. lSM is rare in most breeds but reportedly has become very widespread in cavalier King Charles spaniels and the Brussels Griffon (Griffon Bruxellois) and Chihuahuas.  Some researchers estimate that as many as 95% of CKCSs may have Chiari-like malformation (CM or CLM), the skull bone malformation believed to be a part of the cause of syringomyelia, and that more than 50% of cavaliers may have SM.* It is worldwide in scope and not limited to any country, breeding line, or kennel, and experts report that it is believed to be inherited in the cavalier King Charles spaniel. CM is so widespread in the cavalier that it may be an inherent part of the CKCS's breed standard. Chiari-like malformation does not mean the dog has or will have symptoms of SM. 
All guarantees shall become null and void if the Cavalier puppy is sold, given away, or transferred to another person.